Aubergine in a mug (WIP)

 Acrylics on paper – A4 sized.  Work in progress.  

System 3 paints

A while ago i won a competition in Artists and Illustrator magazine, the paints finally arrived today – all 99 of them! 😀  

White squirrel

seen in Victoria Park, Portsmouth.

System 3 brushes

Part of the prize I won, system 3 brushes worth £53 :)

eye self portrait

I painted my eye using a mirror.  


Acrylics on paper

Abstract figure

I’m not sure if like this or not :)  




a bit of a practice, acrylics on paper.

Blind woman

Abstract painting of a blind woman – painted after a conversation (with a blind woman!).


Blue Vase


Original painting of a Blue Vase, completed in March 2012. Painted on paper with acrylics paper. Print available on RedBubble.

Citrus fruit, Pear and Lime