peacock / peahens

Wide eye cat

My new tutorial on

Getting better but still holey

My four toe’d foot is still healing.  Strangely the toe has healed fine its the ulcer that is still struggling to heal.  ho hum!

Week 2 of Beard Project

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4 Toes on tour

At “Jasper” Seaside park.  

Beard Blog the first 7 days

First 7 Days , 5 weeks to go 😀

4 toes at Gunwharf

Beard Blog year 5

Its that time of year again when the kids start their summer holiday and I grow a beard 😀 This will be the 5th year i have done this and you lucky lucky people can follow me doing this on

quick selfy


Medium  Acrylics on paper
Size  A4
Date completed  8th July 2013
Print available RedBubble
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