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Blue Reef, Portsmouth

A selection of some of the photos (blurry phone photos) from our visit to blue reef

fun with the webcam

webcam-toy-photo22 webcam-toy-photo21 webcam-toy-photo20 webcam-toy-photo19 webcam-toy-photo18 webcam-toy-photo17 webcam-toy-photo16 webcam-toy-photo15 webcam-toy-photo14 webcam-toy-photo13 webcam-toy-photo12 webcam-toy-photo11 webcam-toy-photo10 webcam-toy-photo9 webcam-toy-photo8 webcam-toy-photo7 webcam-toy-photo6 webcam-toy-photo5 webcam-toy-photo3 webcam-toy-photo2 webcam-toy-photo1

Last day of January

This month has been one of happiness and sadness, mainly for the birth and sadly death of my niece Alyssa.  She was born sleeping on the 9th of January 2014 (the day before my birthday) and was buried yesterday 30th January.  We are still waiting for the results of the post mortem but we suspect the after birth failed.  I am trying to raise some money for my sister and her partner so they can donate it for a quiet room in Hinchingbrooke hospital in Huntingdon.

if you can help – if only a £1 please do by clicking here – The Charlotte project

Thank you

Ex-purgatory : Peter Clines

**Slight Spoilers**
The 4th book in the Ex-Heroes series, I really enjoyed this book – a lot less zombie / superhero / post apocalypse world action than the last 3 books but still really enjoyable.

I was pleased there was no use of the main go to super-villain  “Legion” in this book but I was saddened by the loss of one of the heroes. Hopefully this will be a temporary thing.

Clever usage of well known characters in a different setting and  loved that Gorgon was back in the book (although only a tiny bit) Banzai’s cameo made me realise who Nick actually was.

If you haven’t read the other 3 books then do so – you wont regret it 😀

10 / 10

p.s. I noticed this spelling mistake on the About the Author page – made me chuckle 😀Screenshot_2014-01-18-09-24-43

Merry xmas & happy N Y


BANG – finished

BANG bomb buildingAll stock from



splitsvilleStocks –



orbFantasy photomanipulations are failry hard to make – trying to step back into it.

stocks here –

Sideways head

sideways head animated sideways head


stock here –

Gnome animated construction

gnome animationAnimation on how i made Gnome