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Chichester 11-9-15


Photos taken of air bubbles in a bottle of water – taken with a Moto G Phone with macro lens

Drawing practice

drawing practice

eye and hand

eye and hand

you may want to put your monitor on its side šŸ˜‰

fun with the webcam

webcam-toy-photo22 webcam-toy-photo21 webcam-toy-photo20 webcam-toy-photo19 webcam-toy-photo18 webcam-toy-photo17 webcam-toy-photo16 webcam-toy-photo15 webcam-toy-photo14 webcam-toy-photo13 webcam-toy-photo12 webcam-toy-photo11 webcam-toy-photo10 webcam-toy-photo9 webcam-toy-photo8 webcam-toy-photo7 webcam-toy-photo6 webcam-toy-photo5 webcam-toy-photo3 webcam-toy-photo2 webcam-toy-photo1

Spider webs

spider web spider web spider web spider web spider web


vampirestock here –Ā



Bang #2

bang 2Stock from andĀ


Bang #2 – Screen shot

Screen shotA new image i’m working on, stock from morguefile and

please note these really aren’t about violenceĀ or terrorism, just photoshop practice and learning



bang before and after


Before and after of an image i’m working on