Monthly Archives: October 2011


this is a reworking of an older painting :)  original can be found here 😀

Plague Doctor

The masks warn by Plague Doctors have always freaked me out :)  I wanted to try and paint one :) 


Acrylics on canvas, 20″x16″ 

Zombie painting


Acrylics on canvas, 20″x16″.  i dont think the photo does the painting justice – the flash has dulled the colours a lot :(  



I wanted to do a painting of Simon Pegg but to be honest i dont think this looks much like him, apart from that i actually quite like it. i’m sure it must look like someone out there 😉  



16″x12″ Acrylic painting 

Dr Fate…!


Ages ago i painted Dr Fate ( but i was never happy with the clouds / ank.  A few days ago i brought some Black (Mars Black) paint and painted over the clouds, i’m happier with this now than i was.  I’m going to add some contrast to the main figure and maybe add something in the background.  


I also started working on a painting of “House”, so far i’ve only painted the lines.  

sock cthulhu (well sort of)

The hulk (behind)


i think i will go back to this soon.  

The Hulk WIP

A work in progress of my newest painting


Batman Painting

I spent today working on a portait painting of Batman.