Monthly Archives: August 2011

Summer’s end

Well its almost the end of summer, 1 more week until the schools start again :)  i’ve been very busy this year travelling and seeing people so my blog has suffered (sorry blog) but i will get it back up to steam again soon :)

first of all my partner took our kids to London with her mum, i stayed at home and worked.

Then my Brother got married…!

Then we went to the IOW

So thats about that :)  roll on next week.

Balloon Sketch

I fell asleep pretty early last night, when i woke up at about 2 am i descided to try and do a quick painting sketch of a balloon.  


The Beard Project…!

For the last 3 summers i’ve done “The beard project”  – today is day 10 of year 3 :)  Please feel free to check out the blog :)

Baby Herman


Roger rabbit collection (so far) 


Baby Herman

This is on a small canvas :)


Roger Rabbit – Finished


16″x12″, Acrylics on Canvas